Hi, I'm Ananto.

I'm a Software Engineer with more than two years of experience, can help to build your next product.

Recent Work

Professional and personal projects

What I Do

Backend Development

Most of my professional experience is on the backend side. I have developed scalable microservices for large companies like bKash, Pathao. Worked in several stacks like Python, Java, Go. Most of the projects are Non-disclosurable. Rest are shared in my portfolio.

Full-stack Development

Most of my full-stack projects are of personal interest. I like to make web apps with React, Typescript, Js, Python, Go. Also there are some full-stack professional projects with small companies, startups.

Async service design

This is an interesting field on which I am working on for about a year. I helped a startup that worked with JISC to make student evaluation much faster (about 70%) using Async.io in Python. Also working with a Denmark based startup to transfer their monolith to an async message based microservices. This is fun!


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I enjoyed working with Azizul. He has an expert knowledge and experience working with Python. Additionally, he writes clean and efficient code. Azizul was always thinking ahead and applied this to the code development phase to avoid issues which could have come on later on in the project life. I look forward to an opportunity to work with him again and would happily recommend him.

Tunde Lashore

Ananto is a very hardworking and talented Engineer. Working with him at Pathao has been a delightful experience. His relentless efforts to make the good better really impresses me. He is pretty good in R&D and learns new technologies pretty quickly. He is a good person at heart and I highly wish him success in his professional life.

Author avatarArman Kamal

Azizul is a great engineer with MVP mindset. Will definitely hire him again for more work.

Author avatarNoman Rafique